Everyone can draw

Last week I spent the evening with the Brazilian clothing designer Ronaldo Fraga and a group of multi-generational Brazilian women.

We drank wine, ate cheese, listened to music and then…..drew with pencils and paints.

We did this for a few hours.

What was the take away from the evening?

Everyone can draw – you just need to step out of your comfort zone, have some basic tools, give yourself permission to draw outside of the lines – and then the rest just comes together.

So much of what Ronaldo talked about resonated. It was so similar to what we talk about at TIE. We just come at it from different perspectives.

We are all capable if incredible things. No matter your age, background or title. If you want to do something – know you can, and do it now.

The evening’s result was inspirational.

Everyone was SO happy to be given the permission to do something they wouldn’t normally do, felt alive, experienced feelings they hadn’t in ages and saw a different side to themselves.

What a feeling.

We have four TIE programmes lined up over the next few months with Leo Burnett, Santander, Octopus Group and BBH. We will be taking their people from can to do, giving them the space to find their particular power to make meaningful change. And we’ll do this by disrupting their comfort zones through the TIE process.

So many exciting stories to come.

It’s time. Let’s change things! 💥 🌱✨


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