Big News

Last week, I was honoured to be invited to the Leo Burnett London (virtual) agency meeting.

There we heard Charlie Rudd, CEO, talk about what a post-covid future looks like.

He talked about how it will reward clarity but punish certainty. That it’s important to have direction and vision, but that you must remain flexible and open to change.


Because we are living in a VUCA world.

What is that you ask?

It’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

So it then felt quite fitting to be invited to present TIE to the Agency and call for participants to get involved in the Virtual Team TIE programme.

It’s a super exciting moment.

I’m thrilled to announce that Leo Burnett is trusting TIE again to develop their leaders and help embed more purpose at the agency.

By turning gifted professionals into Gamechangers, TIE helps create better companies, with better people, in a better world.

And how will we do that?

Leo Burnett’s leaders will be connected with a social initiative in other part of the world.

As a team, they’ll have the chance to change the way they work and stretch themselves in new ways. They’ll learn to lead in a new context, broaden their abilities, fulfil their desire for purpose and get filled with inspiration.

Our first ever TIE placement in 2007 was with Leo Burnett.

And since then, numerous leaders from the company have been involved with the programme, which has in turn helped them navigate the future.

As a result of being exposed to TIE’s programme, we’ve seen Leo Burnetters win industry awards and win new business. We’ve also had a social project in Brazil win a UN impact award as a result of the work created for the organisation. It has truly been a real win-win.

A huge thank you to Leo Burnett for this ongoing partnership, for their continued trust in TIE, and belief in the importance of this type of leadership development experience.

And this next project is going to be incredible.



6 leaders from around the business will work together to crack a real challenge facing a children’s rights organisation in India. (Read more on the project here)

They will have 6 weeks and work about 2 hours a day. They will be forced to innovate, think differently, will be pushed out of their comfort zones, out of their silos, they will grow in new ways and they will unite together from around the business, using their skills to make a tangible difference to a group of people in another part of the world.

Leo Burnett has always known this type of an initiative is not only something people are looking for, but also that purpose, sustainability, and responsible leadership need to be on the agenda.

And they continue to walk the talk today.

TIE is a unique way to offer our people the chance to flex their strategic, creative and problem solving muscles in a totally different way to anything they have experienced before. To be able to do that whilst supporting such a worthwhile cause is an opportunity not to be missed and we can’t wait to see what the team come up with.

– Carly Avener, Managing Director, Leo Burnett London

A huge thank you to Charlie Rudd and Carly Avener for making it all happen.

And I can’t wait to get this show on the road.

The project kicks off on the 7th of June. So watch this space.

If you or your company is interested in getting involved with TIE, do get in touch.

We have lots of fantastic opportunities available.

It’s time. Let’s change things.


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