A bird moved in

Less cars on the road. Less pollution. Less movement in front of my house in general. And what happens?

A bird builds a nest in the bougainville tree next to our door, and moves in. And she has properly settled. A week now. And at the end of each day, we see her there. Happily resting until the sun comes up.

I understand she is here now until the spring. And will leave only once her eggs hatch and her birds can fly.

What makes this even more incredible is that I live in an incredibly lush area. Huge trees surround us. And lots of them. Just Google Olinda, and the photos that you see come up….that’s where I live.

But this bird has chosen the tree, planted in a pot beside my door, on what would normally be a pretty busy road. To build her home.

It’s clear the world slowing down has done wonders for the environment. And our impact on it. And there are so many of these beautiful examples popping up in the most incredible places.

It truly begs the question. What have we learnt from all of this? What learnings can we take with us? And what does this new normal look like?

As a result of everything we have collectively been through this year, the world, and the worker, have changed.

There is greater interdependence, we are more aware of our interconnectedness, new economic models need to be considered, and there are new expectations from the millennial worker.

To navigate the landscape, understand the dynamics, find innovative solutions and react appropriately, leadership is key.

But how do you create leaders that understand all of these dynamics?

In my view, you need to give them the opportunity to use their skills in an entirely new context, offer them fresh insights, broaden their abilities and perhaps most important of all, fulfil their desire for purpose and fill them with inspiration.

One of TIE’s mentors is Sir John Hegarty. He talks about the importance of changing your world so that you can change in the world.

“Push through boundaries to unlock potential, expand your personal circle, be constantly curious to be constantly inspired, be brave and dare to be different, look for inspiration in the unexpected and the difficult”.

And this. Exactly this. Is what TIE does. With every single programme we offer.

The results are truly life changing. For every single stakeholder that gets involved.

If you’re keen to push through your boundaries, grow as a responsible business leader, and find ways to bridge purpose and profit. Find out more at our TIE Accelerator info session: apply.tieaccelerator.com

If you are a company leader and keen to turn your gifted professionals into gamechangers, then do get in touch: philippa@theinternationalexchange.co.uk

And I couldn’t be more proud.

It’s time. Let’s change things.


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Better leaders > better companies > better world.

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