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Check out this next dream team!

We have six people from around the world – London, Stockholm, Manila, Yallingup, Brisbane and Sydney!

From a number of professions.

All coming together to help find gamechanging solutions for the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest NGO, Iracambi.

This project is kicking off on Monday. And we are all counting down the days.

We can’t wait to see what solutions these guys come up with for the Organisation. Can’t wait to help them see just how powerful their skills are. Help them grow in new ways. And give back.

It’s going to be an exciting 6 weeks with loads of learnings on all sides.


“I applied for this program because I’ve been looking for ways to contribute more to society through my work but wasn’t sure where to start. I’m very excited to have been selected for TIE Accelerator and I hope to make a positive impact for others while also growing personally and professionally. Ultimately, I want to become a better leader and I believe this program can help me achieve that goal.”

– Pamela Bishop (TIE Accelerator, 2021)

“It is rare to get the opportunity to ignite your purpose to drive positive change for a cause you are truly passionate about. I’m so excited to give back, step out of my comfort zone, and work with some other fantastic leaders to discover ways we can help such a worthy cause.”

– Emily Murren (TIE Accelerator, 2021)

The team is coming together to help Iracambi reach corporate partners that will support their mission of making the preservation of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest more attractive than its destruction. You can read more about their project here. And if you’d like to hear from Iracambi’s founder, you can check out our TIE Unearthed Iracambi Podcast here – A voice from the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest.

A chance for them to break out of their bubbles, see the world through a different lens, grow in new ways, meet like-minded souls and be that agent of change they’ve always wanted to be.

In only six-weeks, 2 hours a day, and CPD-accredited.

Does this speak to you? What are you waiting for?

Learn more and join our info session on Thursday.


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