We’re at it again!

We’re bringing people together again to make things better.

This time we have a group of people from Canada, Ireland, England and Denmark.

From areas of engineering, architecture, business management and marketing.

But all bound by a shared mission.

To use their leadership and what they know to make other people’s lives better.

It’s that simple.

But more powerful than you know.

This incredible group of people will be coming together to help Barefeet Theatre, a street children’s organisation in Zambia. Desperately needing to respond to the challenges posed by a post Covid world.

You can read more about their project here. And if you’d like to hear a podcast that I did with Grace, the Executive Director of Barefeet, you can check out our TIE Unearthed Barfeet Podcast here – Zambian street children, dance and Covid-19. Grace’s story is humbling.

We ask all of our applicants why they are getting involved with TIE and what brought them to us.

It’s fascinating to see that the responses are so similar. Across countries, across professions, across ages.

Here are a couple from this group to give you a taste of what people are looking for:

“Architects and designers have both the capacity and the professional responsibility to generate meaningful change, creating spaces that are sustainable, safe, inspiring, and equitable for all. During the TIE accelerator program, I hope to increase my awareness of and reflect deeply upon issues of equity, with the intention of becoming a better ally and advocate for those who have historically been excluded.”

– Jaya Beange (TIE Accelerator, 2021)

“I have always been interested in making a positive impact in people’s lives or contributing to protecting nature, in a sense, giving back. I find the TIE Accelerator format to be something new and exciting, giving me the opportunity to meet people outside of my network and working together to solve a real problem with meaningful impact. I am really excited to participate!”

– Gulshanoy Tolipova-Gourdin (TIE Accelerator, 2021)

Kick off is on Monday. And to be honest, we are all counting down the days. The energy is building and it’s just great to feel it. We can’t wait to see how things unfold and how things come together over the coming weeks.

A chance to break out of their bubbles, see the world through a different lens, grow in new ways, meet like-minded souls and be that agent of change they’ve always wanted to be.

They’ll be doing it in 6 weeks, 2 hours a day, and it’s CPD accredited.

It’s time. Let’s do things differently!

Does this speak to you?

Learn more and join our info session on Thursday.


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