Develop a new communication strategy that will attract students, researchers and volunteers to get involved with Iracambi’s Brazilian forest conservation work.


Less than one tenth of one of the richest bio-diverse tropical forests in the Western Hemisphere remains: the Atlantic rainforest, an ecosystem once covered an area as great as the whole of California, Nevada and Arizona together, but now covers an area less than South Carolina. It is still being cut: in the decade of the 1990s an area the size of Delaware was cut. The reason is that smallholder farmers are pushed by economic necessity to maintain their income levels in the only way they know: increase the land cultivated – cut down the forest. Iracambi aims to confront this threat by making conservation of the forest more attractive than its destruction.

Their vision is to see thriving communities living sustainably in a thriving landscape, and everything that they do is directed towards maintaining a healthy balance between the needs of their forest environment and the people who live in it. To do this they focus on creating unusual partnerships: college professors with local schoolchildren, farm families with international professionals, in a program that combines research, education, and work in our three program areas – restoring forests, managing natural resources and creating sustainable incomes.

Iracambi defines their work very simply: saving forests, changing lives. After ten years experience managing researchers, students and volunteers, they need to increase their client base and secure a sustainable income that will allow them to ensure their future and do an even better job of saving forests and changing lives.

To make this happen they need a targeted advertising campaign that will focus on undergraduates, graduates, researchers, volunteers, and people who need a change and want to do something useful. Many organisations offer “rainforest experiences” and Iracambi have a lot to offer this market, but need a more professional strategy for finding new clients.



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