Micha Colombo from Digit heads off to Recife to help empower & decrease the stigma of children living on the streets


Micha Colombo is Planning Director at Digit, a brand communications agency with a focus on interactive experiences. Digit’s outputs ranges widely from brand identity, to online communications, to mobile apps to live brand experiences, but innovation is at the heart of it, cultivated through an ongoing R&D programme. She believes that brands should seek to behave as people do, with a mixture of integrity and flexibility. Before Digit, Micha was a WPP Fellow. She worked at JWT in Sao Paulo as a planner on part of a global beauty brand and also exploring the burgeoning luxury sector in developing markets. She also spent a year as a planner at Ogilvy & Mather in Beijing, working on brand positionings and product launches aimed at China’s young urban elite. Before that, she spent time at The Futures Company as an analyst exploring wider social and consumer trends and their impact on the future of brands and industries. Her core skills are brand consultancy, communications strategies, measuring effectiveness and planning for innovation.


Micha has a degree in Japanese from Cambridge University and a diploma in Acting from Birkbeck University. She is passionate about drama, travelling and languages and basically anything that involves connecting with other people. She spends time dancing, reading, and visiting London’s museums, shows and galleries, and she also loves getting away from it all by heading off into the big outdoors from time to time!


Micha will be working with everyone at Grupo Ruas e Praças, an NGO that promotes empowerment for children and adolescents living on the streets, to help them raise awareness of their work and decrease stigma and discrimination in local society. To find out more about her placement click here



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