Find Your Terry


There are unlikely heroes in every company.

Hidden away, yet blissfully unaware of what brilliant things they could achieve with their communication skills.

They just need someone to believe in them.

And the opportunity to realise their true potential.

And this is the core thought of our campaign that launched yesterday.

The campaign, Find Your Terry, created by BBH London, features three print ads, starring real people who work at BBH, and focuses on the power of the TIE program: to develop the future leaders of a company so that they can be exceptional, to demonstrate the power of the communications industry as a force for good, and to provide people and companies with an opportunity to feel proud of their profession and the skills they have worked so hard to develop.

As Sir John Hegarty, Founder of BBH, says “The best way to open your mind and learn is to push yourself out of your comfort zone and be truly challenged. The TIE experience has a lifetime effect on how people feel about things and how competent they are to do things”.

Dev Copsey

Rachel Jones Terry Graham

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With so much love and appreciation,



A huge shout out to the entire crew that made this happen. Thank you a million times over!

Deputy Executive Creative Director: Caroline Pay

Art Director: Harry Orton

Copywriter: Robin Warman

Production Director: Jeremy Gleeson

Photographer: Jean-Yves Lemoigne

Photographer’s Agent: Tim Jenkin @ Making Pictures

Designer: James Townsend

Retouching: Gary Meade @ Wellcom

Artworking: Wellcom


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