Sir John Hegarty on what we can learn from Camel Cigarettes

I remember it so clearly.

It was 2006.

I had come up with the idea for TIE. But it still needed a name.

I was sitting in Sir John Hegarty’s office (co-founder of the agency BBH) on a sunny afternoon, asking for his advice. I had a number of different names to choose from, but I felt stumped.

And as so happens every time I talk with John, he got me back on track.

He reminded me not to get caught up with the little things. To see the big picture. And as he rightly put it, it clearly doesn’t matter if a camel has anything to do with cigarettes.

I recently caught up with John to see if he could provide us tips on how people in our industry can unleash their true potential, and touch on why opportunities like TIE are so important to businesses.

His mantra ‘do interesting things and interesting things will happen to you’ has inspired many people. And I think we can all learn a thing or two from this way of approaching life.

Here are John’s 6 tips on how to unleash your true potential:

Be constantly curious to be constantly inspired.

Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein and Paul Smith all share a similar trait. Curiosity. Keep asking questions, don’t accept the status quo and keep pushing yourself. You never know what next great innovation is waiting to be discovered.

Push through boundaries to unlock potential.

The best way to open your mind and learn is to push yourself out of your comfort zone and be truly challenged. If we want to unleash the human potential of the communications industry, we need more people to shake things up a bit. The TIE experience, for example, has a lifetime effect on how people feel about things and how competent they are to do things.

Don’t get caught up with the little things.

You want to always be looking at the big picture. And not get stuck on the small details. It clearly doesn’t matter if a camel has anything to do with cigarettes.

Be brave and dare to be different.

When you are starting out it’s much easier to take big risks. No one knows you and failure doesn’t stick. It’s when your reputation rises that being daring becomes a bit more difficult.

Expand your personal circle.

Spend as much time as you can with people in professions different from your own. Talking to people in different industries about what they do is fascinating. It opens channels in your thinking you didn’t know were there.

Look for inspiration in the unexpected and the difficult.

You have got to read stuff outside your comfort zone, as well as do things you love. I regularly read the Financial Times. I only understand about 10% of it, but that 10% can be inspiring in unexpected ways.



“Do interesting things and interesting things will happen to you”

Ad Man, Vinter and Tech entrepreneur.









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