Help bring to life JOCC’s education programme, raising the Malawian youth voice through telling their stories

Joshua Orphan & Community Care is a grassroots community development organization, based in Blantyre, a rural area in Malawi. Their mission is to support community-driven programmes that assist HIV/Aids orphans, vulnerable children and their families, and their main project involves education and early childhood development. They work to give each child the best start in life they possibly can.

JOCC believes the best place for orphaned and vulnerable children to grow up is in their communities with extended family around them. Through rural pre-school and feeding programs, JOCC enable communities to care for vulnerable children without having to turn to institutional care, which according to the UN, is in the best interest of the child. Today, they run more than 20 community-based centres to care for the children and they engage the community in developing the activities. Plus they promote income generating projects in the community.

JOCC is at a turning point as an organisation, transforming from a small charity into a professional development NGO. Needs on the ground are also evolving, and in particular, there has been a shift in people’s understanding and expectation of education, a seed that has been growing over that time, and since the mid 90’s when free primary education was introduced.

With a long term commitment to their communities, JOCC has transformed key health and education facilities that are pivotal to community development, quite literally brick by brick. What they need now is to amplify those voices, strengthen lines of communication and drive the key messages home.

This TIE placement will help bring to life JOCC’s education programme, through a cohesive communication strategy that will reach new students and facilitate donor engagement, contributing to programme development, increased support and long term change.

AK Parker from BBH London is going to Malawi in January 2018 to work with JOCC. Stay tuned for updates!


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