By assisting Saúde Criança with their communications you can help families under the poverty line build a more decent life and mitigate the need for social assistance

Family assisted by ASC

Health is a major issue in Brazil, especially amongst the poor people of the country. This population relies on the public health system (which offers far from an ideal service) and usually lacks information on basic aspects of personal and family health, such as what is required for a balanced diet and proper hygiene. People under the poverty line struggle even more with health issues, as they have food, housing and financial insecurities complicating matters. Malnutrition and frequent illnesses can jeopardize children’s learning process and an adult’s ability to work properly. Combined, these factors may condemn a person to live constantly under a poverty cycle and reduce their chances to fight for better life conditions.

Dr. Vera Cordeiro had a very clear understanding of this and how it could affect a child’s development. With that in mind, she founded Associação Saúde Criança, in 1991, with the objective to restructure the lives and promote self-support to families with children at social risk. In order to do so, Saúde Criança had to approach poverty in a whole new manner. It had to be seen as a multifaceted problem, with multidisciplinary solutions.

When a family reaches Saúde Criança, the ASC team designs a Family Action Plan, focusing actions in five key areas: Health, Education, Housing, Income (qualification) and Citizenship. Saúde Criança’s first of its kind methodology has become internationally acknowledged due to its spreading potential and social impact. Since its foundation, Sáude Criança’s methodology has been replicated by 23 different organizations across Brazil and has inspired change in the public health system in at least one major city. Today, after several international awards, including the Global Development Network Award, in 2003, Saúde Criança is considered the best NGO in Latin America (The Global Journal).

Despite of all this growth and international acknowledgement, the brand still suffers from public unawareness amongst Brazilians. A TIE campaign will help raise awareness of the brand, attracting more qualified volunteers and supporters, to increase the project sustainability.


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