Help SomosProfessores keep funding classroom activities that provide students with new and exciting learning experiences, boost teachers’ self-esteem and minimize the inequality of opportunities in the Brazilian public school system

SomosProfessores is a small non-profit organization based in Recife (State of Pernambuco, Brazil) founded by teachers with the mission of ensuring high-quality public education in Brazil.

Since 2015, they promote innovative teaching practices in the local public school system by encouraging society to engage more actively with the work of dedicated teachers and help them develop their full potential with the support of their community. They accomplish this through their own crowdfunding platform for public school teachers.

SomosProfessores’ purpose is to ensure equal access to high-quality education in Brazil, one project at a time. They work to provide every student with the tools and experiences they need to discover and fulfill their education.

First, they work together with teachers and school directors to understand their needs and budget all the tools they need to put forth their classroom projects. Then, they help them find those who are willing to fund their ideas. In the process, they give society an unprecedented opportunity to know exactly how they can help a school in need and even follow the impact of their contributions.

SomosProfessores was founded by nine people, none of which had any previous experience running a business, profit or non-profit. Most of them were teachers. It was all new and there was always so much to do, that for a long time they focused on “doing” instead of “planning”. They first figured out the website and then, the logistics: how to get inside the schools, how to analyze and budget projects, how to keep financial records of everything, but to also film, photograph and share everything they could.

They didn’t know much about management, communication or business strategy, but they did the work for a couple of years and, even with a few mistakes, they have built a good foundation for the growing community of teachers, students and donors.

However, in the past few years they have learned that they can’t get the resources necessary to keep doing their work without a solid plan for the future. This TIE project will help them create a long term sustainable plan for the organization, with better growth strategies that will lead to more funding, more projects and more impact on the school system.

Cameron Milne from WPP is going to spend a month in Brazil working with SomosProfessores. Stay tuned for updates!


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