WPP is sending Cameron Milne on TIE in 2018. He’s going to Brazil!

How has a young lad from rural England ended up working at VICE, one of the world’s ‘trendiest’ youth media companies?

Cameron’s journey starts on his first WPP Fellowship rotation, in London, at Kantar, working on brand and business strategy. He was a researcher, delving deep into data, speaking to hundreds of ‘consumers’ (see: ‘people’), and he was a strategist, turning this information into effective business plans.

Next stop, Manhattan, at Wunderman, working on content strategy for Coca Cola, Microsoft, and eTrade. He helped to build websites, email campaigns, and B2B engagement approaches, all of which used new media to convey branded messages.

And now in Brooklyn, as a program manager, creating branded films, podcasts, and events for Google, Microsoft, and Callaway. He draws up legal contracts, draft film treatments, and oversee distribution plans.

Along the way, he’s learned how to conceive an effective creative idea to a problem, and, most importantly, how to bring these ideas to life. He’s (just about) found the balance between corporate professionalism and youthful optimism.

Cameron reads a lot of books (English Lit graduate), writes a lot of words (essays, letters, amateur poetry), believes in the power of community spirit in overcoming social ills, and wants to help bring simple technologies to communities who need them most. He can’t wait to put his professional and personal experiences to good use on a placement with TIE.

Cameron is going to spend a month in Brazil working with Somos Professores to help them create a long term sustainability plan for the organization, with new strategies and an updated business model that will help them expand and thrive. Learn more about his project here.




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