Landor New York and WPP send Tristan Ramsdale on TIE


Tristan is an Associate Director at Landor in New York where he leads a number of client relationships—helping to develop brands with ambition and purpose. Current and past clients include Verizon, Barclays Capital, MetLife, The Olayan Group, Telekom Malaysia, iShares, PineBridge, Bank of East Asia, Sony, Lenovo and P&G.

He started working in communications as a WPP Marketing Fellow and completed three rotations across their operating companies—market research at Millward Brown in London, strategic planning at Ogilvy in New York and branding at Landor in Hong Kong. This cross-cultural global tour was eye opening and all-consuming, encouraging him to seek out a more normal pace of life in Brooklyn, NY, where he has finally had time to read the newspaper every weekend and find a good coffee shop.

Tristan studied Russian and French at Cambridge where he developed a love for languages, Slavic culture and borscht. He spent a year and a half in Moscow studying at Moscow State University and working for an art history magazine, in total surviving two Winters. He also travelled extensively across Russia, both exploring the mountains in the south and taking the Trans-Siberian railway to Vladivostok.

While he does not have a background working in development per se, one of his most fulfilling projects to-date was defining a brand strategy for the Nature Conservancy in Asia Pacific, including the design of applications such as donation envelopes to give out on airlines. He travelled to Indonesia and Komodo National Park to visit The Nature Conservancy offices and find out more about conservation in the region. The opportunity to work in Brazil is particularly appealing because there are so many personal challenges to overcome: language, culture and learning the different role of communications in growth markets. He is thrilled at the opportunity to do more hands on development work with TIE.


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