Cherwell – Interview with Philippa

‘We must viscerally disrupt our comfort zones to create opportunities for evolution’: In conversation with Philippa White, Founder and CEO of TIE Originally posted at Cherwell. Available at: By Sophie Magalhaes 25th October 2023 Founder and CEO of TIE discusses her global background and how it has influenced her mission to connect disparate people. […]

Training Zone – How experiential learning ignites greater humanity in leaders

Originally posted at Training Zone. Available here. By Philippa White If we want to develop more self-aware leaders, embracing experiential learning is the way forward. Do you remember learning about science when you were, say, 11? You opened the textbook, and you read about dilution, concentration, and the point of saturation. You wrote the keywords […]

Net Zero Podcast – Net Zero Hero 06: Working with NGOs

Originally published at the Net Zero Podcast. Available here. November 15th, 2022 In a change to the usual format for Net Zero Heroes podcasts in the latest episode I am joined by a single guest. But a guest with a compelling story to tell. That guest is Philippa White, Founder and CEO of The International […]

Ambition – Cultivating agency: giving people the space to grow and be better

Originally posted at Ambition in August 2022. Available here. Leadership has evolved. It’s not about command and control anymore, says Philippa White. It’s about facilitative leadership I was talking with my mentor Jim Carroll the other day, and he told me a story about the Spanish artist Francisco Goya. Goya painted a sketch of an […]

Women In Leadership – Leading with purpose: Why Women need to push boundaries

Originally posted at the 2022 Summer Issue of the Women in Leadership Publication. Available here. I arrived in Bangkok, Thailand to finish my business degree in 2001 and realised that people use a different calendar in other parts of the world! It was the 220th year of the Rattanakosin Kingdom of Thailand and the 56th […]

HR News – 4 Unexpected Benefits of Experiential CPD

How L&D offering social impact benefits both the cause and the employee By Philippa White, Founder and CEO of The International Exchange (TIE) Originally posted on HR News. Available here. I was helping my daughter study for her science exam the other day. She’s 11. We were going through the definitions of dilution, concentration, and […]


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