Nicolas Jayr, from BBH, started an amazing fundraising website for his TIE placement – and he has got the entire BBH headquarters in motion

Nicolas and his City of Good muralHave you ever imagined to be part of a wine-tasting session with none other than Sir John Hegarty, the legendary founder of BBH? That’s how far Nicolas has gone in the preparation for his TIE placement.

Nicolas is coming to Recife (Brazil) in November, to work with Grupo Ruas e Praças and help them to empower the children that live on the streets. Every TIE candidate needs to fundraise their marketing budget to make the project possible – and he took it very seriously. The City of Good was born, a “talent auction” that involves many of his colleagues and mentors at BBH. The prizes include the wine-tasting session with Sir John, career-coaching session with Sir Nigel Bogle (cofounder at BBH), Man Vs. Food contest with Dav Karbassioun and Josh Tenser (Heads of Film and Interactive Production) and a Jamaica shirt signed by that guy who is faster than, well, pretty much every human being, Usain Bolt. The other brilliant prizes can be seen at

Congratulations, Nic! We love your initiative and can’t wait to have you here.


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