Seeing change as a good thing…

To think outside of the regular 9-5 day-to-day.

To step out of silos and comfort zones.

To connect with others around the company.

And to have better stories to tell their grand kids!

This team is about to be stretched, challenged and inspired.

Welcome Team BBH!

The challenge?

Iracambi is a Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest NGO that works with the local communities to make the conservation of the forest more attractive than its destruction.

The last couple of years have been good to Iracambi – they are on a very exciting path – partly due to one of our last TIE programmes with them.

This BBH team will jump on this wave of positive inertia, and help keep that momentum going. Iracambi needs mentoring and a slick approach to more sustainable funding.

By following the TIE process, this team will learn to lead in a new context, expand networks and broaden cultural intelligence, all while creating a lasting and positive impact on the planet.

All done virtually, in 6 weeks, 2 hours a day.

Let’s do this!

It’s time. Let’s change things! 💥 🌱✨


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Better leaders > better companies > better world.

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