The challenges I heard last week

I’m surrounded by people with narrow, siloed perspectives.

I’m not getting the innovative thinking we need to drive the business forward.

Resilience is a huge problem. People just don’t have it.

I need to change people’s intrinsic behaviours – can you help?

Is it possible to train leadership to embrace the unknown?

These are just a handful of the points that came up in conversations last week.

If your business needs to change and constantly adapt, then you need people who can do JUST that.

And that’s what we DO.

We rewire people to be able to achieve INCREDIBLE things. And I’ve been doing exactly this for close to 20 years.

My book Return on Humanity is full of evidence and case studies – essentially lifts the lid of the special sauce.

And TIE Leadership is HOW we do it.

We give people the 360-degree awareness that they need to be better able to make decisions in the unknown.

People gain a better understanding of themselves and how the world works.

And we do that on steroids.

It’s about making people hugely aware of the world we live in.

And our potential and role as leaders within it.

Businesses are all about change and adaptation. And brilliant leaders need to be wired into that.

If you want to develop leaders for the next economy, who can respond to this ever-changing world we are facing, then let’s have a conversation.

I take leaders and teams to the edge of their mental maps, and gently push them off. Forcing an evolution.

By exposing leaders and teams to real global issues around the world, we create rapid changes in leadership and behaviour.

It’s REAL life, experiential learning.

It’s the power of connecting worlds. Being immersed in newness. Bridging divides. Using constraints to unlock people’s power. It’s not theory. And it’s NOT a drill.

It’s leadership development that’s fast, effective and life changing.

✨ We work with individuals in situ, overseas
✨ With cohorts virtually
✨ At scale, impacting up to 500 people around a business.
✨ Or we can also create bespoke solutions

And you can expect change like this:

💥 Creation of a new highly profitable socially focused global department
💥 Participants gaining instant promotions
💥 Improved team communication and global network cohesion
💥 Exposure to unique global insights to life “outside”, directly impacting innovation

If this sounds like something you’re after, check out our site for more information, or just get in touch and I’d love to explain more.



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Better leaders > better companies > better world.

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