‘The Healing Power of Creativity’ – Welcoming our new partner Grey New York

greylogoWe are thrilled to announce that Grey New York is now on board with TIE. We asked what Michael Houston, CEO of Grey North America, had to say about the newly formed collaboration, and this is what he said:

“Last year we conducted an analysis to understand the multiple streams of pro bono work delivered by the Agency. While the majority of our efforts were clearly for worthwhile causes, none were tied directly to the singular passion that connects the various diverse people within our own organization: Creativity.

Coming out of this exercise, we endeavored to find a platform that allowed our staff to get closer to the people who benefit from our work…the actual humans rather than the organizations…and touch lives in a more profound manner via the power of creative expression. As such, we reframed all of our CSR-type activity under a single, unifying charter titled “The Healing Power of Creativity.”

We believe that TIE is a perfect forum to realize this philanthropic charter and to exercise our agency’s desire to apply our unique skills as creative professionals to make a positive, meaningful and sustainable difference in the lives of others around the world”.

We are equally as thrilled to be working with Grey and looking forward to keeping you up to date on candidate and project selection as things develop further. Watch this space.


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