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Fostering Cohesive,
Compassionate Leadership:

A curated, experiential learning programme for groups of high-calibre leaders to gain unprecedented perspectives and innovative thought processes.


Our experiential leadership programme engages up to six professionals from diverse sectors of your business to collaborate and resolve global challenges unrelated to their daily tasks. For six weeks, two hours a day, participants step out of their comfort zones to explore new perspectives, and gain a more profound understanding of their work.

Embarking on a Virtual Team TIE journey, businesses can anticipate a transformative experience that not only challenges but also enriches the professional and personal perspectives of their team members.

the result

Participants emerge with heightened listening skills and an understanding of the power of flexibility, compassion, and empathy.

By promoting out-of-the-box thinking and creativity, we foster internal cohesion, fluidity between business units, and a stronger sense of purpose.

Virtual TIE provides a unique opportunity to shape the world through your creativity and resourcefulness.

The programme includes matching to a global bespoke project, international development training, team coaching, leadership challenge, check-ins with TIE, implementation, reflection, and a final presentation.

The Process

matching to a global bespoke project

international development training

team coaching

leadership challenge

check-ins with TIE




team coaching



Everyone has the power to inspire, guide, and amplify team success. 

But before you can better lead others, you need to fully understand yourself!

This free tool is a powerful way to reveal the qualities you already have so that you can utilise them to become an even better leader.

Better leaders > better companies > better world.

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