Welcome Team Leo Burnett

here is a common theme brewing as I have my many London meetings.

What am I hearing about the overall talent needs in general from those running companies?

One is for talent to be more resilient.

The need for people to get comfortable with failure. Used to things not going their way. Not being bubble wrapped.

Another theme that has come up is the need to inject more honesty and love into leadership.

And what are we hearing from the talent themselves?

A real desire to be challenged. To get exposure to different situations. Whilst positively impacting the world around them.

In short. Everyone is looking for the same thing.

Which is why we are thrilled to be working with this fantastic Leo Burnett London team for their 2023 Team TIE programme.

We kicked off yesterday, and we’ve got 6 weeks to shake things up. Disrupt comfort zones. And help develop the necessary human-centric competencies to thrive in life and business.

We have a project manager, TV producer, senior strategist, two designers and a senior account manager. And by exposing the team to a global challenge in Malawi, and having them collaborate across borders to find a solution in 6 weeks, two hours a day, they will ignite their humanity, ingenuity and purpose.

And this is where the magic happens.

So stay tuned to see things unfold. And welcome, Team Leo Burnett!

It’s time. Let’s do things differently! 💥 🌱✨


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