We’re getting louder! TIE’s Podcast…

Big news.

Our TIE Unearthed Podcast has officially launched!

We were looking for a way to talk to people working in the private sector who want to activate the best of business to meet the challenges of the real world. Who are keen to accelerate their careers, or the careers of their employees, without having to sit in a boring online or classroom course. Who want to finally feel proud of what they know.

Inside these episodes we will talk about life around the world, COVID, and how we continue to impact the world by connecting the private sector with social projects.

Follow us on our journey as we pivot.

In this (first-ever) episode I thought that I’d kick things off with the backstory of why and how this all came together.

And where we are going…

Would LOVE to know what you think.

So grab your favourite beverage, and have a listen here.

We’ve got some great stories to tell. And this is only the beginning…so remember to subscribe on your favourite podcast platform, so you don’t miss out on all we have to say.

Have a wonderful weekend. And stay safe.


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