We’re live! Meet the first TIE Accelerator team

And TIE Accelerator is live!

Super excited to announce this powerhouse team, kicking off our first TIE Accelerator project.

This amazing group has come together to use their leadership to help the Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights. They are starting week 2 this week, and are well on their way to making a serious impact to their lives and the lives of others.

Their goal?

To find a way to generate income to support Jiyan Foundation’s Healing Garden for survivors of trauma and terror in Syria and Iraq.

So who are these brilliant humans?

Jason Oke:
Jason had a wonderful, rewarding and successful 25 year career in advertising. He’s worked across Africa, Middle East, and Asia, and launched both brands and agencies into a number of those countries. He’s found the opportunity to experience those cultures first hand, and work with people on the ground, to be the most rewarding of his life.
He has just left WPP after a decade and begun a sabbatical break. He is looking for new challenges to help him grow, push his brain, and give back in some way.

Iris Glaser:
Iris is a creative director and marketer with a passion for crafting brands and shaping communications. As an interdisciplinary creative professional, her work spans traditional and new media, and she can jump from strategy to execution. She has worked in advertising, brand strategy, design and communications for a range of industries, in both the private and non-profit sectors. She is currently channelling her creative energies into promoting an independent fashion designer and retailer, Katrin Leblond Design. She grew up in Montreal, studied design in NYC and is now living in Toronto, with her husband and two kids, ages 9 and 12. She is happiest when she is swimming in a lake in the woods.

Cyril Awere:
Cyril is a Business Agility professional who’s on the edge of a new idea whether it’s something that’s controversial or just something that doesn’t fall into the bucket of general thinking. He tries to leverage his business acumen, personal qualities, and soft skills and bring them to the forefront of what he does. As part of problem-solving, he finds that he is able to resonate with people in a stronger way than your average expert. As part of a recent self-discovery journey, he recognised that each of us came into this world to be of service to others. Therefore, he hopes to use his passion for economic equality and social justice to help bring positive change into communities across the world.

Who is the Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights?

The Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights supports survivors of human rights violations, defends fundamental freedoms and promotes democratic values ​​in Iraq and Syria. They have established a network of twelve treatment facilities in northern Iraq and northern Syria, providing mental health and medical treatment to thousands of women, men and children every year. Many beneficiaries are survivors of ISIS cruelty. As part of its Program for Trauma Care and Health, the Jiyan Foundation runs a Healing Garden in Kurdistan Iraq, which works as a sanctuary for trauma survivors and where patients participate in art therapy.

This TIE project will help the Jiyan Foundation support its Healing Garden by connecting people and the patients’ artwork so that the income generated from that can sustain their work in the garden. The foundation hopes to sell prints of patients’ artwork, much of which is very good. Their goal is to sell this artwork worldwide, but with a special focus on the US and German markets, where the organization has a strong presence. They are keen to have this working in time for the 2020 holiday season.  You can see some examples of patient artwork here.

If you haven’t heard our podcast with the Founder of the Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights, Salah Ahmad, do have a listen here: TIE Unearthed – Hope in Syria and Iraq. You will be inspired.

If you want a taste of this life changing opportunity, the next TIE Accelerator opportunity will kick off in February (the NGO we’ll support is still TBC).  And we are currently receiving applications for the next team that is keen to raise their game by impacting the world.

Be the leader the world truly needs now and unearth new skills by working in a foreign environment from your desk.

You’ll work with good people in difficult situations trying to do great things in need of your help. It will be a test for you like no other, something you will always remember. We are looking for professionals with a range of skills, and you don’t need any prior international development experience. TIE Accelerator is a professionally run six-week leadership programme, CPD-accredited and takes just 2 hours a day.

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