What makes a great business?

There is a common theme that I’m hearing. And it doesn’t matter where people come from.

It can be a conversation with a head of talent in London. An employee in New York. Someone who lives in Norway. Or a consultant in Brazil.

We get to the same conclusion.

Great business is simply about how you make people FEEL.

Culture is KEY to create connection and belonging – for everyone.

Be it employees or customers.

People NEED this so they LIKE what they do, are EXCITED to go to work, feel EMPOWERED, STAY at your company and can come up with great IDEAS.

It’s also key so people want to actually do business with you.

At the moment, we are getting this very, VERY wrong.

Trust in business is at its lowest level ever.
Absenteeism is through the roof.
Youth in particular feel disengaged.

No matter where you come from, or what part of the business you work in, I’m hearing the same thing.

People are calling in sick more, people aren’t showing up for work, people aren’t engaged, people are quitting, people aren’t talking to one another…and the list goes on.

In short – people aren’t happy and this is costing business BILLIONS.

It comes down to how we have historically measured the success of a business – bottom line profitability.

We’re at an inflection point now.

In this new world, a new breed of leader / manager will thrive.

It’s these leaders who put human values (kindness, imagination, creativity, courage, vulnerability, empathy) first.

And THAT is what we do at TIE Leadership.

We rewire leaders to create successful company cultures.

If you are keen on maintaining or developing a culture that people feel a REAL connection to, why don’t you reach out.

We develop the leaders so that’s possible.

We do it for individuals, teams and at scale.

And this is just what this group in the picture above and I talked about last week here in Brazil.

There is a movement building – and it’s not going away.

If you want to talk about this, or better understand how TIE works, do get in touch.



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Better leaders > better companies > better world.

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