Seeing change as a good thing…

What happens when you get a Creative Director, Copywriter, Account Director, Film Producer and Strategist to view change as a good thing?

They sign up for the BBH Team TIE programme.

Super excited to work with these incredible humans.

A chance to have more experiences that connect them to the real world.

To make people’s lives better.

A pretty damn good reason to feel proud of our industry

Life can get crazy sometimes. Most of us work super hard to ensure we make our mark in some way. And sometimes, amongst all of the craziness, it’s hard not to get bogged down by daily stress, and see the big picture. But it’s so important to always be clear of that big picture. Things […]

Grey NY is sending Samantha Miller on TIE in October 2014

Sam Miller started at Grey as an Assistant Account executive in 2010 on Latisse and then moved as an Account Executive to the Energizer Personal Care brands Banana Boat, Hawaiian Tropic, Wet Ones and Litter Genie. With a passion for digital marketing, Sam worked on the enterprise level website development program for Energizer and was […]

7 Proven Ways to get the Most from your Top Talent

You know who I’m talking about. Those fire-starters sitting in your office; the ones that will eventually have a profound impact on innovation and performance; the ones that will end up thinking differently, acting differently, and then achieving extraordinary success. But how do you unleash their potential? How do you channel their energy? Especially within […]

TIE Future Leaders Forum 2014

We believe the communications industry has what it takes to change the world. Our skills are some of the most powerful on the planet, and our Future Leaders Forum 2014 was an opportunity to give you a small glimpse into just what is possible if you’re provided the right tools. TIE creates campaigns that change […]

WPP is sending Milla Chaplin from Mindshare on TIE in 2014

Milla Chaplin has been based at Mindshare Worldwide working across both the BP and Nestle accounts in a hybrid account handling and strategy role for a little under 2 years. She entered into the communications industry by way of the WPP Fellowship, completing three fantastic years in London, New York and Beijing and has now […]

TIE Future Leaders Forum

Shaping the Future of our Industry Have you ever sat there wondering if you have what it takes to change the world? You know how important, how valuable, often how crucial, skilled communications can be; but not sure how to apply your hard earned skills to make a difference? Are you looking to develop the […]

4 little known insights that could impact future briefs

The million dollar question. What makes an effective leader in the 21st century? There seem to be loads of different ways to answer this question, but a few things that we can be sure of is that we need to work effectively across international boundaries, be able to integrate different perspectives to our thinking, be […]

#Press: From Shoreditch to Uganda: advertising in a different context

TIE Alumnus Hanne Haugen writes to The Guardian to talk about her TIE experience in rural Uganda, with The Kasiisi Project. “Professionally, what felt like the biggest revelation was the change in my perception of the advertising industry and the skills I’ve developed as a result of being a part of it… Advertising’s ability to […]


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