Behind the scenes…

The Return on Humanity book launch was INCREDIBLE and the past few weeks have been simply unforgettable!

Where do I start?

As you all know, at the end of April (on Earth Day), ROH made it to the top of the bestseller charts in 4 (!) countries: UK, Canada, Brazil and the US – which then made the book an overnight international bestseller.

I then jumped on a plane to London and got to see Return on Humanity in three Waterstones bookshop locations around the city, and then also a Foyles book store. A pretty extraordinary experience to say the least (pictures below).

On Wednesday, the 1st of May (International Workers Day), ROH launched into the world with an unforgettable launch party at Next 15’s head office on Great Portland Street in central London. We had around 150 people there, a panel discussion and Next 15, who sponsored the evening, went as far as wrapping the elevators with the book cover. The attention to detail was second to none (you can see below), and I can’t thank the Next 15 team enough who pulled it all off! Kirsten, Kyla and Sam – eternally grateful.

A HUGE thanks to everyone who came on the evening, and a massive thank you to our panelists Simon Rogerson (CEO & Co-founder of Octopus Group), Samantha Theobald (Chief People Officer at Next 15), Charlie Dawson (Founding Partner at The Foundation) and Chris Norman MBE (CEO at GOOD Agency).

Below is a summary of what I’ve heard from people who were there:

🧡 The energy was super positive and everyone felt so comfortable to just strike up conversations with strangers.

🧡 Simon Rogerson explained why a great business is one that creates connection and belonging.

🧡 Chris Norman believes it is vital that business models put humanity at their heart.

🧡 Samantha Theobald suggested that everyone have a six word statement that describes what they DO – not just their job title.

🧡 Charlie Dawson summarised the book and evening by pointing out that tapping into one’s humanity is actually very easy and achievable – but people rarely do it. Why?

🧡 I heard that the information in the book and on the night have given people confidence to breach tricky conversations with employees that will fundamentally help with leadership challenges.

🧡 It was like a reunion – people reconnected with friends and colleagues who they hadn’t seen in YEARS.

🧡 This feels like the start of a movement.

I could go on. But this was SUCH a success and I’m so grateful to everyone who was there and who made it possible.

The brief for the night was to be a friendly, comfortable and informative evening that people learn stuff and leave feeling happy and inspired.

It worked!! Yay!!

I’m on my way back to Brazil today smiling. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey – near and far!

More soon as I continue the world tour. Now for the Brazilian talks!

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