You asked, we listened…

I have news!

Over the last few years there have been many requests to create group Immersive TIE opportunities.

There is a clear desire to take senior executive teams out of the predictable, to work together in new environments, gain different perspectives, while shaking things up and creating more cohesion.

An opportunity to tap into personal purpose, be pushed in new ways and expand horizons.

You asked, and we have listened!

The plan for now is a 5 day programme on the ground in Brazil. The experience will be eye opening and insightful, whilst still tapping into all that TIE has to offer – but tailored for this market.

To bring this programme to fruition TIE is partnering with Mariana Moura, Doctorate in systems psychodynamics, and Consultant in Organisational Development in Brazil.

But to get it just right – I want to hear from those of you who are interested.

What are you looking for when it comes to this type of an experience? What would make it perfect? What would be a deal maker for you to get involved? What is a must have?

Please do reach out.

We are going to be piloting with a group of senior Brazilian leaders in September and in the process of putting together the programme structure. Make your voice heard so we can create just what you’re looking for!

All regular TIE programs still very much on the menu. But this new offer is just what was missing – and so excited we are making it possible – finally!

Can’t wait to share more when there is more to share….

…in the mean time, look forward to hearing from you!


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