Friendly Manitoba

In Canada, every province’s license plate has a slogan that sums up that particular province.

There is Beautiful British Columbia. Wild Rose Country (for Alberta). And Friendly Manitoba.

I grew up in Friendly Manitoba.

I remember being at University in Winnipeg, and sitting in class writing notes. As the teacher talked quickly, there were times when I would lose the flow of the conversation or forget something. But I could always rely on my table buddy to fill in the blanks. We relied on each other. Helped each other. She’d catch me up, and vice versa. And we were both stronger for it.

Then I went to business school. And I’ll never forget how things changed.

I remember sitting beside someone in class in a similar situation. Writing notes. Only we had computers, rather than papers and pens. And we were marked on a bell curve.

When I got left behind and asked my table buddy for help, rather than turning the computer to show the notes, they turned the computer in a way that blocked me from seeing anything.

Competition vs collaboration.

In this world, when the bottom line is the base of success, how can we protect the integrity of our purpose?

In this day and age, how can we be citizens, and tap into the resources of everyone so that we can find the best outcomes as a society as a whole?

How can more people realise that together we become more than a sum of our parts?

There are lots of great thinkers in this area. Jon Alexander and Whitney Clapper being a couple who I’ve spoken to recently about all of this (definitely check out their podcasts on TIE Unearthed!).

And lots being developed to make the world a better place.

But for me, what is clear. I am definitely am proud of my Friendly Manitoba background.

And I’ll always share my notes.

It’s time. Let’s change things! 💥✨🌱


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