The eagle has landed

Niall has landed in Mozambique and has just started his second full week of his Immersive TIE experience.

Yes folks, you read that correctly. Immersive TIE is back in action! ✨

Niall Quinn from Octopus Energy is in Tofo, Mozambique, working with the Marine Megafauna Foundation (MMF), an NGO that works to help save ocean giants from extinction, while protecting ocean biodiversity of marine ecosystems and engaging local communities as part of the solution.

It’s great to have this offering back on the table after the 2-year pandemic forced hiatus. And now we have even more ways to engage in TIE’s incredible growth experiences.

Niall will get to broaden horizons, step out of predictable silos, and will be given the chance to use his knowledge from running funds at Octopus Energy and building businesses, to help evolve MMF’s MEGA Expeditions.

We have just had our mid-assignment catch up with him and were very happy to hear he was already shaking things up. And growing. Experiencing new things and seeing himself, his project objectives and the world in a different way.

A little from Niall…..

“Being on a solo immersive placement is intense, so even just knowing there is a team who has my back is invaluable. The project is going well so far, already taking some interesting twists and turns. There has been a tonne of information thrown at me over the past week. But I’ve found that it is the little conversations (usually over a beer) that have been so useful too. It’s helped me start to grasp the different culture and mindsets here in Mozambique, allowing me to develop solutions that work in context of the organisations and people based here. ”

And that is what TIE is all about.

Taking people from can, to do.

We liberate the full power of leaders and teams through self-discovery and experiential learning in ways that also positively impacts communities around the world.
Through the simple means of disrupting comfort zones, we expose people to global challenges, and create the space for them to find their distinctive power to make meaningful change through problem solving and creative thinking.

Niall has a few weeks to go – and you can follow his journey on instagram @niall_and_the_whales

Keen to know how you can get your company involved with TIE? Just get in touch and I can explain.

It’s time. Let’s change things! 💥 🌱✨


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