Have better stories…

When you’re this age, have better stories to tell your grandkids.

While I was in London the other week, BBH launched their campaign to call for applicants for this year’s BBH Team TIE.

These old faces are actually people at the agency – aged…. such a great idea. See below for more brilliant examples of the campaign.

It was posted all over the agency – on elevators, walls, posts etc. to get TIE truly known at the agency and get some excitement behind the programme.

And it definitely worked! There was an incredible energy at the agency around this campaign, got lots of people talking, and we had loads of applications. The 6 people have now been chosen. We’ll be announcing the team shortly, so watch this space.

A massive thanks to the major ones that made this happen – Andy, Karen, Holly and The Barn. Legends.

What stories will you be telling your stakeholders at the end of the year? What stories will your employees be telling their friends and family?

TIE is all about going from can, to do. It’s a celebration of doing. Of impact. And painting a future based on immediate action.

When you get involved, just think of the stories you can tell….

It’s time. Let’s change things! 💥 🌱✨


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