Theory can only get us so far

So, you could just do yet another typical leadership development programme.

One of those where a group of people sit in a stuffy conference room.

Everyone looks at the screen, or does exercises with one another.

Sometimes they work.

But theory can only get us so far.

What we all need for REAL change is to FEEL what we are learning. Viscerally.

It needs to touch us on a level where there is no turning back.

Something has changed.

We’ve been shaken.

Taken to the edge of our mental maps, and gently pushed off. Forcing an evolution.

These big life events are what people need.

We all need them.

We get off on them.

They make us feel alive. Make us see ourselves differently. Inject us with more human ways of doing things. More passion. More resilience. And we understand what we are TRULY capable of.

THAT in a nut shell is what we do.

By exposing leaders and teams to real global issues around the world, we create rapid changes in leadership and behaviour.

It’s REAL life, experiential learning.

It’s the power of connecting worlds. Being immersed in newness. Bridging divides. Using constraints to unlock people’s power. It’s not theory. And it’s NOT a drill.

It’s leadership development that’s fast, effective and life changing.

✨ We work with individuals in situ, overseas
✨ With cohorts virtually
✨ At scale, impacting up to 500 people around a business.
✨ Or we can also create bespoke solutions

And you can expect change like this:

💥 Creation of a new highly profitable socially focused global department
💥 Participants gained instant promotions
💥 Improved team communication and global network cohesion
💥 Exposure to unique global insights to life “outside” directly impacting innovation

If this sounds like something you’re after, check out our site for more information, or just get in touch and I’d love to explain more.



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Better leaders > better companies > better world.

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