The challenges I heard last week

I’m surrounded by people with narrow, siloed perspectives. I’m not getting the innovative thinking we need to drive the business forward. Resilience is a huge problem. People just don’t have it. I need to change people’s intrinsic behaviours – can you help? Is it possible to train leadership to embrace the unknown? These are just […]

Are you looking for a ‘good’ company?

When looking for a new opportunity, are you looking to join a company based on the culture you can be a part of? Are you looking for a ‘good’ company? Based on the conversations that I have with many people I work with, but also, reflecting on the numerous conversations I’ve had while writing Return […]

Theory can only get us so far

So, you could just do yet another typical leadership development programme. One of those where a group of people sit in a stuffy conference room. Everyone looks at the screen, or does exercises with one another. Sometimes they work. But theory can only get us so far. What we all need for REAL change is […]

GOOD Ideas

In 2001 I moved to London to get my first ‘real’ job right after the 911 attacks. The odds weren’t great as we were heading into a grim economic moment. I was lucky to secure an interview with Chris Norman, one of the partners of, then, Ideas Unlimited. And then was hired. At the time […]

Almost pressing print

A very happy new year to all of you. I hope that this finds you well. It’s a big year this year with key elections around the world that have the potential to truly shape our destiny as a global community. Pair that with the future that we are hurdling towards that is dominated by […]

TIE Impact 2023

Our name has evolved. We have a new positioning, a new website and a whole new look and feel. We have run our new scalable TIE programme called Global TIE (as well as our regular TIE programmes throughout the year). My book, Return on Humanity: Leadership lessons from all corners of the world has made […]

📣 It’s reveal time! 📣

The anticipation is over! Presenting the final cover design of my book “Return on Humanity”. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of your feedback. I took your votes, listened to your feedback, and now it’s time to unveil the look YOU helped create! A huge shout-out to all friends and supporters for […]

🌟 Spotlight on Caroline 🌟

From the high-paced world of London advertising to the transformative realm of Immersive TIE in Tanzania, meet Caroline – a dynamic Account Director from BBH. With a rich tapestry of experience spanning 6 years across various advertising disciplines, Caroline embodies what it means to be both a student and a teacher in her field.⁠ ⁠While […]

Lessons from a whale and a book cover

A few weeks ago my partner’s sailboat hit a whale. He and Zé, the other sailor on board, were on the return leg of a sailing regatta from Horta/Azores to Sables d’Olonne/France, going 19 knts in the early evening, and suddenly, they heard a HUGE bang and felt an impact. They were 150 nautical miles […]

Seeing change as a good thing…

What happens when you get a Creative Director, Copywriter, Account Director, Film Producer and Strategist to view change as a good thing?

They sign up for the BBH Team TIE programme.

Super excited to work with these incredible humans.

A chance to have more experiences that connect them to the real world.

To make people’s lives better.


Everyone has the power to inspire, guide, and amplify team success. 

But before you can better lead others, you need to fully understand yourself!

This free tool is a powerful way to reveal the qualities you already have so that you can utilise them to become an even better leader.

Better leaders > better companies > better world.

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