Is this what purpose is?

Purpose and giving back to communities. Is that what purpose is? What do you think? While I was in London I was asked to sit on a panel at the Financial Services Forum and it was exactly this that we all debated. And we had some really interesting thoughts coming out of this discussion. One […]

Have better stories…

When you’re this age, have better stories to tell your grandkids. While I was in London the other week, BBH launched their campaign to call for applicants for this year’s BBH Team TIE. These old faces are actually people at the agency – aged…. such a great idea. See below for more brilliant examples of […]

The eagle has landed

Niall has landed in Mozambique and has just started his second full week of his Immersive TIE experience. Yes folks, you read that correctly. Immersive TIE is back in action! ✨ Niall Quinn from Octopus Energy is in Tofo, Mozambique, working with the Marine Megafauna Foundation (MMF), an NGO that works to help save ocean […]

Friendly Manitoba

In Canada, every province’s license plate has a slogan that sums up that particular province. There is Beautiful British Columbia. Wild Rose Country (for Alberta). And Friendly Manitoba. I grew up in Friendly Manitoba. I remember being at University in Winnipeg, and sitting in class writing notes. As the teacher talked quickly, there were times […]

Curiosity levels are high

Curiosity levels are high for this lucky team at Leo Burnett London at the moment. They have been selected for the Team TIE programme this year, and we are thrilled to be kicking things off. Why did they apply? “The unknown of what we can achieve as a group is just incredibly exciting.” “Looking to […]

Everyone can draw

Last week I spent the evening with the Brazilian clothing designer Ronaldo Fraga and a group of multi-generational Brazilian women. We drank wine, ate cheese, listened to music and then…..drew with pencils and paints. We did this for a few hours. What was the take away from the evening? Everyone can draw – you just […]

And that’s a wrap.

And that’s a wrap. This was all about being challenged to think and do things differently. And what was clear to this group ever since they got involved – doing nothing is not an option. A lot has happened since this TIE programme kicked off a little over 6 weeks ago with this incredible team […]

Women and Men

It’s International Women’s Day – a perfect time to reflect on the progress women have made politically, socially, economically and culturally – around the world! Today, this article goes out in We Are The City where I reflect on the gender bias in the corporate world and what we can do to fix it. I […]

There were two pencils

There were two pencils in a drawer. One was new, beautiful, with a sharp tip. The other – poor thing! – was small, worn down and old. The big one, brand new, looked at the little pencil and yelled: “Oh, little one! You, down there! Can you hear me?” “You don’t need to yell,” replied […]

Check out these incredible humans

A new year. A new TIE Accelerator team. We are at it again. And what a group! We are over the moon and honoured to be working with these incredible humans. All coming together for various reasons. To find new ways to make their business stand for more and inspiring other people to do the […]


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